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Egyptian Christians Face Increased Kidnappings

Kidnappers are targeting Christians in a southern province in Egypt. More than 150 Christians, including children, have been kidnapped for ransom in Minya province over the past two years. Many


Central African Republic Rebels Target Christians

Rebels in the Central African Republic reportedly are looting and destroying Christian homes and churches. Rebel forces took the capital Bangui over the weekend, forcing the president to flee to


U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear challenge of Kentucky law crediting ‘Almighty God

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a challenge to Kentucky laws giving official credit to Almighty God for its security. The high court, without comment, on Monday rejected

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Africa: Global Data Upend Usual Picture of Christianity Trends

Despite a century-long decline, religious affiliation has shown a marked resurgence globally since 1970. Both Christianity and Islam make up growing segments of the world’s population. Africa and China have