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5 Steps When You’ve Offended Someone

By Ron Edmondson All of us say things we wish we hadn’t said. We all offend people at times. Everyone knows what it is like to put foot in mouth.

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Understanding the causes of violent extremism in West Africa

DAKAR,  (IRIN) – Academics and government, military and civil society representatives gathered for a conference in the Senegalese capital this week to assess the interplay between development and violent extremism

Church & Ministries Opinion

Namibia: ‘christian Education Will Make a Difference’

INTERVIEW By Helvy Shaanika, NAMIBIA has in recent weeks debated the root causes of moral decay that results in rape, bestiality, murder, theft and a high divorce rate among other

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South Africa’s Desmond Tutu: ‘I will not vote for ANC’

South African elder statesman and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu has said he would no longer vote for the ruling ANC. “I would very sadly not be able to vote for

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Kofi Annan: Africa plundered by secret mining deals

Tax avoidance, secret mining deals and financial transfers are depriving Africa of the benefits of its resources boom, ex-UN chief Kofi Annan has said. Firms that shift profits to lower