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There Is ‘Wind of Hope’ in Africa – UN Secretary General

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday that there has been a “quantum leap” in relations between the world body and the African Union and he hopes this can translate into


Renault Considers Establishing Assembly Plant In Ghana

French multinational automobile manufacturer, Renault, is considering the establishment of an automobile assembly plant in Ghana, following in the footsteps of Volkswagen, Nissan and Sinotruk who will, this year, establish

Church & Ministries

Be good stewards for Christ and Country – Dr Grant Monney

Doctor Bernard Grant Monney, Chairman, Diocesan Board of Education, Anglican Diocese of Accra, has charged Christians to be good stewards for Christ and the country’s resources and image. He said


Pope Francis: Viewing migrants as threat to society is ‘senseless’

The leader of the Catholic Church told hundreds of thousands of young pilgrims that they should welcome migrants, not stigmatize them. He said it was “senseless” to condemn every immigrant

Church & Ministries

Incredible life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark will sail to Israel, says Dutch carpenter who built it

Ark builder extraordinaire Johan Huibers plans to sail his “copy of God’s ship” from Holland to Israel – all 2,500-ton of the life-sized replica. One major hurdle to overcome first,