Celebration of Life; Chicagoans bid a final farewell to Madam Sarah Hanu Goku.

Celebration of Life; Chicagoans bid a final farewell to Madam Sarah Hanu Goku.

The Christian Journal, Chicago Illinois : Immigrants from Ghana on Africa’s west coast have brought with them to the diasporas a very different way of mourning the loss of a loved one. It’s more of a celebration involving high-energy music, solo performances and traditional dancing etc. For Reuben Hadzide, who is domiciled in Chicago, this spectacular occasion offers him the most appropriate way of saying farewell to his beloved mother, Madam Sarah Hanu Goku, a lady known for her generosity and community work.

The Ghanaian Community of Chicago came together to show an unprecedented exhibition of solidarity and support to celebrate the life of late Madam Sarah Hanu Goku who passed away at the age of 92.

The event commenced with a short service officiated by the clergy in the community led by The Resident Pastor of the church of Ghanaian Community of Chicago, Rev. Emmanuel Amonoo. Also present were the current President of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, Paa Kwesi Sam, former Presidents and members of the Ghana National Council. Chiefs, Queenmother’s, elders and other members of the Ghanaian Community were also in attendance.

A former member of the Ghana Dance Ensemble, Mr.Iddrissu and his new cultural troupe wowed  the attendees when they performed “Atsiagbekɔ” to perfection ! Atsiagbekɔ (commonly called Agbekɔ or Agbekor for short) is one of the oldest drum-and-dance styles in the Ewe canon. Any music-lover who regularly attends concerts and operas occasionally encounters great performances; one says ”occasionally” because if he never encounters greatness he’s a curmudgeon and if he promiscuously encounters it, he’s just over excitable. The performance of Franchika Abbey, who advertises for the food giant McDonald’s and former Western Diamonds Trumpeter Star, James Cromwell were not only great but extraordinaire! They indeed brought down the house with their great solo performances. A great performance calls attention to itself and Franchika Abey found that out when Nana Agyeman Attafuah invited her to his upcoming wedding in Chicago immediately after her performance.

The emcees were Nana Agyeman Attafuah & Nana Ismael K.Marfo Thay were occasionally supported by Mr. Steve Dei. The deejays were Chief and Alormele. Nana Ampadu was the video man. Mr. Francis Boanoh of Fabweb Solutions and publisher, was the photographer.   Nana Eugene Kwame Frimpong was the coordinator of the planning committee for the celebrations.

The Goku, Tamakloe, Hadzide, Gligah, Tukpeyi and Amegashie families home and abroad extend their thanks to all who supported them in diverse ways.



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