Rev. Theresa Owusu Ansah laid to rest: ‘She was a woman of character’

Rev. Theresa Owusu Ansah laid to rest: ‘She was a woman of character’

The memorial service of Rev. Theresa Owusu Ansah, who died of cancer on Saturday August 8 2015, aged 64, took  place at Calvary Deliverance Christian Assembly(CDCA) in the Bronx. More than 400 mourners joined Rev. Dr. Peter Owusu Ansah, his four children,  their families and the Church for the service. The service was lead by a host of ministers.

Rev. Theresa devoted her life to leading people to God.

Delivering the eulogy, Rev. Francine Freed said  “She was a woman of great character, woman of strength, She loved and cared deeply about the church. She cared so much that, she made sure the people of God received the proper spiritual food. Mommy as she was affectionately called was honest, trust worthy reliable and a woman of integrity. Who accepted her responsibility and carried her God given assignment so faithfully. Never heard her complained  about anything. Which is a very rear quality in the church today. She loved God and her family. She loved to pray. She was a woman who was one hundred percent sold out to God. We all know how much she loved God and trusted in him. That’s why we know today beyond the shadow of her death where she is. For the Word says to be absent in the body is to be present with the lord. Mommy we love you. The Lord will say welcome home you faithful servant.”

A long procession filed patiently by to pay their respects to Rev. Theresa Owusu Ansah, who was laid in a coffin in front of the altar at “CDCA”.

“This line of people, in and of itself, signifies the impact of her life,” said a church member, who had attends “CDCA” and who considered Mommy as her mother, mentor as well as pastor. “She taught us the love for Christ.”

Dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black tie and white gloves, the Ghanaian Ministers fellowship was there in their numbers. Taking turns by standing next to the coffin as a sign of respect for Rev. Theresa Owusu Ansah.

“Through her life have accomplished a lot for Christ when she was living, and now she’s accomplishing just as much in death,” said a member at “CDCA”.

The officiating clergy was Rev Dr. Isaac Arku, Rev. Clifford Ansah, Rev. Richard Boakye, Rev. Charles Asare, Rev. George Adarkquah, Rev. Joseph Ware, Rev. Kwasi Addo, Rev. Joseph Kuffour, Rev. Alex Gyan Bennett and Rev. Dr. Francine Freed who gave the eulo

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