Ghanaian Woman killed while driving to work at Worcester


Joana Nyaro

A Ghanaian family is mourning after 48-year-old Joana Nyarko died in a car crash.

Joana Nyarko was driving her Jaguar to the supermarket where she works as a baker when she apparently lost control and crashed into several other vehicles.

Benidict Atta, a friend of the family, happened to be riding his bike in the area at the time of the crash, he said

Nyarko’s car appeared to accelerate as at it came down the Whipple Street hill.

“It was coming very fast and I could tell she was panicking and grinding her feet and moving her right hand trying to reach for something,” Atta said.

Worcester police tell FOX25 Nyarko was also honking her horn before she collided with three other vehicles.

“That tells you who she is if even something was going to happen to her she didn’t want to get others involved. By honking it was to warn people there was danger and please speed off,” a family friend Raymond Ansong said.

Nyarko’s car flipped and she was thrown through the front windshield.  Her husband John said he used the car earlier in the day and he can’t fathom what went wrong.

“I think it’s in the hands of the almighty God,” he said.

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