Somali ‘war criminal’ is now working security at Dulles International Airport

Somali ‘war criminal’ is now working security at Dulles International Airport

Daily Mail – An airport security guard allegedly carried out war crimes against the Isaaq clan during the Somalian civil war. Yusuf Abdi Ali is a security guard at Dulles International Airport in Virginia – and previously was a Barre regime military commander, CNN reported.

A producer from the TV channel asked Ali what his name was at the airport. During the conversation, the producer said: ‘Yusuf Ali?’ and the guard was filmed saying: ‘Yeah.’

The producer then asked Ali: ‘Where are you originally from?’ The guard responded: ‘Somalia.’ A civil lawsuit against Ali accuses him of torturing and trying to kill the suit’s plaintiff, CNN reported. Ali is also accused in the suit of having carried out ‘war crimes,’ but a circuit court ruled those claims are unable to go ahead, its report said.

Center for Justice and Accountability attorney Kathy Roberts told CNN: ‘He arrested people, stole their stuff, burned villages, executed masses of people. ‘At one point he had a school come out to view an execution.’ Ali’s attorney Joseph Peter Drennan spoke to the channel, saying: ‘Those are just allegations.

‘If he is indeed a war criminal, take him to The Hague. Or if he is a war criminal, take it up with the immigration authorities.

‘Don’t sue him in an American court… My client deserves to live in the U.S. just as any other legal permanent resident.

A security company called Master Security told CNN it did not know about the pending litigation and that Ali had successfully gone through a background check.

Ali is now on administrative leave with his airport access revoked while Master Security looks into the matter, the report said.

Ali told CNN: ‘To tell you the truth, all is false. Baseless.’

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