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The Truth of Genesis

I get tired of reading where people are talking about teaching Creationism. They don’t know what Biblical Creation is. Yet they speak in ignorance, mostly saying that they don’t think


Eritrean: Persecuted Christian Dies in Prison

Another Christian has died while in detention in Eritrea, Open Doors learned last week. This report follows several others in recent months. Sources reporting the death indicated that about 45

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Christianity Could Become Extinct in Iraq as Islamists Drive Out Believers

Iraq’s Christian heritage can be compared to its wetland marshes. Christ-followers in Iraq date back to the first century, making it one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.


Redeemed: The Story of 46 Sex Slaves Set Free

“It was raining the evening I met Annabelle,” relates Chris Insaidoo of Operation Mobilization Ghana. “She approached my car and asked, ‘Do you want me for the night?’ I felt

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Missionaries Take God’s Love to Asian Leprosy Community

Already viewed as a burden and even a curse in her culture because she is a widow, Aditri also suffers from the physical pain and social dejection of having leprosy.