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Intra-Continental Migration Can Be Economic Boon for Africa

Geneva — A High-level panel on migration says sub-regional migration on the continent is brisk and having a beneficial impact on African economies. During a two-day meeting in Geneva, the panel

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Kenyan Court Suspends Key Parts of New Cyber Law

Kenyan journalists and bloggers have scored a legal victory in their fight against a new cyber law that they say erodes freedom of speech and endangers millions of Kenyans who

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Ghana: U.S.$100 Billion Stolen From Ghana, Others Annually

Experts have called for combined forces to stem the illicit movement of money and capital from one country to another amid revelations that illicit financial flows from Ghana and other

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UN: ‘Positive’ community building helps combat hate online: UN counter-terrorism chair

In an increasingly interconnected world, the glorification of terrorism online impacts everyone, the chair of a United Nations counter-terrorism body said on Tuesday, calling for a renewed effort to combat

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UN: Spirit of compromise needed to combat workplace ‘brutalism’ – UN labour agency

The head of the United Nations labour agency has called for a new spirit of cooperation and consensus between workers, employers and Governments, to end what he called the “new