5th annual Ghana Parade and Festival held in Crotona Park

The Christian Journal, Bronx NY – Ghanaians in the Bronx, New York came out on August 9 2014 to attend and support the Ghana Day Parade in Crotona Park in the Bronx.
“It was great to see the picnic well attended and beautiful display of the Ghanaian culture with Kings and Queen dressed in their traditional regalia.”
The rich colors of kente and the elegance of gold which transformed the picnic from a gathering of the community into a colorful rich display of Ghanaian culture.
The theme of the parade this year was “Ghana Cultural Festival and Picnic. The parade had performances by several Ghanaian artists, including Kwesi Selasi.
Catherine Cudjoe, a member of the organizing committee said “We had a great representation of the youth who represent the future and that was very good
By watching the crowd at the festival, one could tell there was a good feeling of connectedness.
God bless Ghana! Watch out for 2014.

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