A cop kills a man with an axe over Blasphemy Accusation

A cop kills a man with an axe over Blasphemy Accusation

Life For All Pakistan -A cop killed a man with an axe after an argument during interrogation.

Late Wednesday night Syed Tufail Haider 45, originally from Jhang was arrested by the police over an argument from the central market in Gujrat City.

The police brought Haider to the civil Line police station in Gujrat City. The ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector) Faraz Naveed was interrogating him.

During the interrogation Haider and Naveed got into an argument, early morning Naveed accused Haider of insulting the Sahaba (companions of the prophet Muhammad) and attacked him with an axe and swung it to his throat several times, Haider died on the spot.

The police officials confirmed Haider`s death and ASI Faraz Naveed has been arrested. He will be tried for killing a prisoner.

Haider was being interrogated, accusation of Blasphemy was not officially filed, but the ASI Naveed killed him in the custody. The police has registered a FIR against Naveed for murder.

Last month Mumtaz Qadri the assassin of the late governor Salman Taseer, incited an anti-terror squad officer to attack a prisoner who was sentenced under the blasphemy law at the Adyala jail in Rawalpindi, he attacked the prisoner Muhammad Asghar who survived the attack, the official was taken into custody.

Earlier this week a Christian couple was attacked and thrown in the brick kiln on blasphemy accusation in Kot Radha Krishan. The police report confirmed that it was actually a personal dispute between the brick kiln owner and the Christian couple, he had given them 500,000 Rupees (3,935 Euros) to work at the kiln, they were unable to pay back the loan, hence he falsely accused the couple of burning the quran, settling his personal vendetta.

There have been protests across Pakistan, in Lahore and Islamabad Life For All Pakistan protested against the brutal attack” this is tragic, we are heading towards destruction, this insane behavior and intolerance will bear nothing else but destruction. It is time to act, giving mere compensations will not be enough, exemplary punishment is essential to ensure such barbaric incidents are not repeated in future. This has to stop, nothing will be left. We need to collectively stand against all kinds of injustice and intolerance. How long will the innocent suffer? The state has failed to protect the minorities, this is the reason for the growing extremism in the society.”

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