Asanteman Association of Chicago Coronate’s Chiefs and Queen

Asanteman Association of Chicago Coronate’s Chiefs and Queen

Sankofa Online, Chicago – The Asanteman Association of Metropolitan Chicago coronated the Asantefuohene ,Nana Addai Baffour,the Asantefuohemaa, Ohemaa Abena Amponsah and their 15 Sub-Chiefs in Chicago at a colorful cultural ceremony held at the flamboyant Grand Ball (GB) Room,6351 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, on this year’s memorial day weekend. The Inauguration and Oath Swearing-In Ceremony on Saturday May 24 by Nana Addai Baffour and his 15 Sub-Chiefs was fabulous , and was followed on Sunday, May 25 by a memorable Kente and cultural dance.

His Majesty, Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II was represented by Nana Adusei Atwenewa Ampem I, Tepahene. Led by traditional gun and sword-carrying royal guards, drummers and Adowa dancers, Nana Adusei Atwenewa Ampem 1 arrived in the Grand Ball Room much to bewilderment of cheering fans and the expectant crowd. Other dignitaries include Chiefs, Queens, elders and members of Ghanaian Communities across the USA and Canada. A few celebrants flew into Chicago from Ghana and Europe to witness the historic Ghanaian traditional Inauguration and Coronation. The Torontohene, Nana Sarkodie Bandoh stole the show on the first day from his fellow invited Chiefs and Queens when he arrived in the hall with the largest visiting group. He was trailing a stern looking “Brafo” in a traditional war attire and beautiful Adowa dancers!

The coronation of Nana Baffour and his 15 Sub-Chiefs as predicted was a remarkable and unforgettable sight. From the procession of his fellow Ghanaian Chiefs and Queens in Chicago and the invited Chiefs and Queens, to the professional Ghanaian cultural troupe from Cincinnati’s display of their mastery with different indigenous instruments including makeshift bells, gongs, different types of drums ,fontomfroms and metal castanets to name a few, transformed the ballroom into a native land of its own. The Adowa and Kete dancers, noted especially for their teasingly wiggling waists like wasps to the accompaniment of throbbing frontomfrom drums or kete and Adowa music brought the wildest excitement and admiration from the large crowd gathered in the luxurious ballroom.

Nana Addai and 15 of his sub-chiefs each swore before the Tepahene ,to the Asantehene, Nana Otumfuo’s “TAMKESIE” ! After each chief’s swearing-in, he was “showered” with powder and lifted amidst wild cheering and jubilations.

In a remark to the newly coroneted chief, the Tepahene, Nana Adusei Atwenewa Ampem exhorted Nana Addai Baffour to lead selflessly and help develop Asanteman and Ghana.

Nana Addai Baffour in turn thanked the Tepahene, invited guests and members of the Ghanaian community and all the attendees for their generous support in making the celebrations a success.

It is refreshing to reflect on the lines of Berko Akoto when he stated in a previous write up on this celebrations that “ As we become ambassadors of our heritage in representing our various countries, different ethnicities and countless cultures, we have to bear in mind that leaving legacies for our descendants is tantamount with our existence in making our lives prudently worthwhile.”

The Asanteman Association in Chicago would like to thank all sympathizers and well wishers who made the celebrations worthwhile!

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