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How Leaders Go Numb

Sam Rainer –I’ve had a few dramatic stumbles when I stand quickly, only to realize one of my legs has mysteriously fallen asleep. The numbness makes it feel like the leg


Joel Osteen Not Concerned About ‘War on Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’

Texas megachurch pastor and author Joel Osteen suggested that Christians may be overreacting to the “war on Christmas” while speaking with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. Osteen, who also


7 Reasons Why Church Worship Centers Will Get Smaller

A seismic shift is taking place in American church facilities, a shift that will become even more noticeable in the years to come. Church worship centers or sanctuaries will become


One of the Biggest Mistakes Pastors Make

I love pastors. I love affirming pastors. I love speaking positively for pastors. That’s why this article is a bit different for me. Pastors, I want to talk frankly and,

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The heart of Pope Francis’s mission

By E.J. Dionne Jr, WashingtonPost – Christianity has been used over the centuries to prop up the powerful. But, from the beginning, the Christian message has been subversive of political systems, judgmental toward