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Ghana: Citadel Of Democracy In Africa

In many ways, the challenges of Africa democracy are a reflection of what is currently going on in Ghana. Democracy in the west has evolved over centuries and even then,


Rwanda: Pastor Rick Warren Seeks Solace in Rwanda

Renowned preacher, Pastor Rick Warren has said that his Prayer trip to Rwanda this August 2013 has brought consolation to his life and struggles after he lost his son to


Ghana: Ohemaa Mercy Inspires-Musicians

(THE GHANAIAN CHRONICLE) One of Ghana’s hit performers on live band gospel musicians, Ohemaa Mercy last Sunday took the 12 MTN hitmaker contestants through a surprised moment with a visit


Christian Woman in Pakistan Beaten, Sentenced to Death ‘For Being Thirsty’

By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter A Christian woman in Pakistan has claimed that she was handed a death sentence simply because she was “thirsty.” The mother of five, who


Mali capital Bamako hit by deadly floods

At least 24 people have been killed in flash floods following torrential rain in Mali’s capital, Bamako, the government says. Some minibus taxis full of passengers were swept away by