Christians in Ecuador ‘March for Jesus’

Christians in Ecuador ‘March for Jesus’

EcuadorMarch_LWChristians in Quevedo, Ecuador, are participating in their 17th annual “March for Jesus.”

The parade is more than simple tradition to the prayer walkers and city officials welcome the event.

“The principal objective of the ‘March for Jesus’ is to rescue Christian values for our society,” CBN representative Dr. Amara De Benites said.

City Councilman Cecibel Villareal agreed, saying that the march is a necessary event to help stay focused on what is important.

“We’re moving so fast and we lose our bearings, which is Jesus, the center of our lives,” she said. “If we do everything for him, thinking of him, the world makes sense.”

This year the crowd included visitors from neighboring countries such as Colombia.

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