Clergy asked to transform lives, redeem the lost

Clergy asked to transform lives, redeem the lost

An appeal has been made to ministers of the gospel to be spiritually sensitive and prayerful in their daily deliberations.

The District Minister of the Emmanuel Presbyterian Church (PCG), Madina, Rev. Michael G. Anim –Tetey, reminded ministers that they were the chosen vessels sent by God to transform lives and redeem the lost.

“Know that you are servants and not masters. Feed the congregants with the word of God and teach them the essence of love, faithfulness, obedience and humility,” he stated.

He said that when he inducted Rev. Roy Asiamah as the new minister in charge of PCG Faith Congregation, Madina Estate.

Wiles of the devil

Rev Anim-Tetey said to be a minister of the gospel “means to be God-fearing, prayerful, pious, obedient, faithful, alert and bold. You must put on the whole armour of God to be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. You must be available any moment you are needed”.

He urged clergy to promote God and his Son Jesus Christ and not themselves.

“Find time to study the Bible and ask God for understanding and knowledge. If you ask your congregants to do all these, no fake prophet can snatch any of your flock. Bear in mind that the might of a minister lies in his ability to pray and fast. Remember that you are not contending against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers,” he stressed.

Christians warned

The district minister warned Christians to beware of ministers who use evil powers to cheat and rob innocent people.

“Beware of ungodly miracles and remain firm in faith and don’t allow Satan to deceive you,” he cautioned.

Rev. Anim –Tetey advised Christians to stay focused and stop visiting latter day prophets who did not teach salvation but prosperity.

He urged the new minister to love everybody and hate nobody.

“Don’t listen to one-sided complaints, listen to all— rich and poor — and don’t succumb to the powers of the wealthy. Never allow the rich to influence you when they go wrong and be bold to correct those who disobey the laws of the church.

Rev. Anim–Tetey asked the new minister, his wife and children to involve themselves in all the activities of the church so that they would become a beacon of light to the congregation.

He urged the congregants to live harmoniously with the minister and avoid rumour-mongers and gossips.

“As congregants, pray for your minister and support him spiritually and materially.”

In his address, Rev. Roy Asiamah said he was thankful to God for His call and promised to serve him faithfully.

He stated that through all the changing scenes of his life, in trouble and in joy, the almighty God had not left him and called on Christians to continue to lean on Him, who is all powerful.

Rev. Asiamah was born on October 3, 1950. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) Theology and Administration from the Christian Service University and Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Ministry from the Trinity Theological seminary.
He is married to Mrs Dorothy Asiamah, a teacher and they are blessed with five children.

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