Ghana: 40-yr dev’t plan will help parties – Dr Bediako

Ghana: 40-yr dev’t plan will help parties – Dr Bediako

The forty-year development plan being drawn up by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) will be to the advantage of political parties in the country, a member of the commission, Dr Grace Bediako, has stated.

According to Dr Bediako, the plan will be a comprehensive document that will encompass every sector in order to promote development.

As the document will capture the needs of citizens in every location, she believes the plan will be a key resource for the various political parties in drafting their policies, as they seek to gain the mandate to govern.

The former head of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) was a guest on Accra FM’s morning show programme, ‘Ghana Yensom’ on Monday 8 February, 2016.

She told host Chief Jerry Forson that: “The long-term plan will help the [political parties] because they will not have to think too much as they will be aware of the needs of the public, thanks to the 40-year development plan, and could formulate plans and policies based on the plan.”

According to her, some political parties “have already requested for reports on the regional consultations, as they go through the writing of their manifestos”.

She also indicated that the parties have played active roles in the regional discussions embarked on by the commission and already have a fair idea of the needs of some areas.

“We did the regional consultations with them so they understand and know some of the things needed by the general populace,” she added.

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