Ghana: Bible Society launches Golden Jubilee celebration

Ghana: Bible Society launches Golden Jubilee celebration

The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG), has launched its Golden Jubilee celebration with a pledge to intensify and sustain efforts at bringing hope and salvation to the people.

It would not only continue to publish and distribute Bibles to people in the local languages, but also organise literacy classes to help them to read and have better understanding of its teachings and share with others.

The anniversary is being marked across the country on the theme: “God’s Transforming Word: Life for All.”

The BSG, a non-denominational Christian organisation, is the brainchild of some Ghanaian church leaders and the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS).

The Reverend Erasmus Nii Bonne Odonkor, General Secretary of BSG, said in Kumasi that the society has reached about 70 per cent of the population with Bibles in Ga, Akuapem, Asante, Ewe, Fante, Dangme, Nzema and Dagbani languages.

Besides, it had also now published the New Testament in “Esahie” a local language spoken by the people of Sefwi, “Dagaare”- a dialect for Dagartis and “Komba” also spoken by Kokombas.

Activities lined up include a walk, public forum and thanksgiving service.

Rev Odonkor said: “The society is not only interested in assisting those who receive the bibles to read it thoroughly and to wholly believe its message, but to speak boldly of its truth to the world.”

He applauded churches for the financial support and encouragement.

Mr Emmanuel Coffie, Kumasi Area Manager of BSG, said audio bibles are being made available to the unlettered in their various local languages to aid their study of the bible.

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