Ghana: British Murder Suspect Arthur Simpson-Kent Arrested While Eating a Coconut On Ghanaian Beach

Ghana: British Murder Suspect Arthur Simpson-Kent Arrested While Eating a Coconut On Ghanaian Beach

The belongings of murder suspect Arthur Simpson-Kent have been found at a suspected hideout in Ghana.

The 48-year-old’s passport, credit card and national insurance card were discovered in a remote location in the west of the country, around 200 miles from the capital Accra. He was arrested in Ghana after he was found hiding among rocks in the coastal town of Busua yesterday.

He has been the subject of an international manhunt following the discovery of the bodies of his partner Sian Blake and their sons, who had been buried in their back garden. Ghanaian police today paraded Simpson-Kent in front of a waiting press conference, as he remains in custody in Accra.

Police in the UK said they are now “working with authorities” to extradite him. Simpson-Kent was found eating a coconut with a spoon when he was arrested on Saturday.

A picture of the dramatic moment he was handcuffed in his hiding place next to a beach was released by Ghanaian police in the West African nation.

It showed the bearded suspect in jeans and T-shirt with his hands cuffed behind his back, closely guarded by officers in military fatigues.

An international manhunt had been launched after the bodies of Sian, 43, and the couple’s sons Zachary, eight, and Amon, four, were discovered buried in the back garden of their bungalow in Erith, Kent, on Tuesday. Several villagers in the resort of Busua, where he was spotted, had tipped off local detectives.

Witnesses said ten armed officers scrambled to the beach – and locals pointed out where Simpson-Kent was hiding in the plantation. Simpson-Kent is likely to be flown back to Britain in the coming days.

 Sian’s aunt Joenie Fearon last night posted news of Simpson-Kent’s arrest on her Facebook page, and a family friend replied: “Great news!”
 Another aunt, Fay Golding, 74, who lives in New Jersey, US, said: “I’m relieved. It won’t compensate much but at least they got hold of him.

“I’m not happy because obviously I lost my niece and grand-nephews but at least we all feel better that he was found and he’ll have to answer a lot of questions now.”

Interpol put out an international alert on Thursday night and Met officers arrived in Ghana yesterday. Ghanaian police followed Simpson-Kent’s trail 160 miles west from the capital Accra.

He was discovered in the beach resort and fishing village of Basua, which got electricity and running water only in the 1990s.

Resident Ebenezer Felix Bentum, a party promoter, said he met Simpson-Kent over the Christmas and New Year holiday. He was staying at a hotel called Dadson’s Lodge, a £3.50-a-night tourist venue a minute from the beach.

Bentum said: “He was a bit down. He was not happy and did not look happy. Like he had a lot on his mind. He didn’t even pay attention to what I was saying.” District Police Commander Samuel Osei said: “He knew we would be coming for him so on Friday he left the hotel.

“He was living in the bush with no options left. We are happy we found this man.” Simpson-Kent was taken on a four-and-a-half mile drive back to Accra, where detectives from the Met were waiting to speak to him.

Scotland Yard hope to put him on a flight back to the UK as early as Monday. Once back in London, the jobless former film and TV hairdresser will face questioning over the three deaths.

A postmortem has found the three victims died from head and neck injuries.

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