Ghana: Duncan-Williams: Africa’s woes are spiritual

Ghana: Duncan-Williams: Africa’s woes are spiritual
Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams – Africa’s problems have a spiritual source, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said.

He told his congregation on Sunday that: “We have forgotten that this world is not governed by internet; it’s governed by spiritual sources you don’t see with your natural or naked eyes that why Africa is not there”.

The General Overseer and Presiding Archbishop of the Christian Action Faith Ministry wondered why Africa has “every mineral resource and yet we are impoverished and disadvantaged”.

“The problem with Africa and the problem of Africa is spiritual, I’m telling you as a spiritual man. I’ve watched it”, he emphasised.

Duncan-Williams also bemoaned that the next generation is spiritually rotten.

“I’m very very worried about the next generation. Whether we’ll have a generation that will even pray and fast… we are raising up a generation full of carnality with intellectual capabilities and no spirituality”.

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