Ghana: Time for Ghanaians to put nation before ambition – Dr. Boadi Nyamekye

Ghana: Time for Ghanaians to put nation before ambition – Dr. Boadi Nyamekye

General Overseer of the Maker’s House Chapel International, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye has challenged Ghanaians to rally behind the flag of Ghana and save the nation from the current challenges confronting it.

A number of businesses are folding up as a result of their inability to stand the pressures of the economy due to three years of unprecedented power crisis coupled with the falling value of the country’s currency, Ghana Cedi, against major international currencies, particularly the United States dollar.

But Dr. Boadi Nyamekye in a statement said: “In the face of the current setback and seemingly backward trajectory, the nation appears to be experiencing, men and women irrespective of our socio-political orientation must rally behind the flag of Ghana and make the black star rise again”.

“A decision to put the nation first, provokes sound judgment and moral awareness serving as a panacea in curbing most of the decadence in the society”.

He said the citizenry must not stand aloof expecting politicians to address the associated problems the nation is facing because; “The onus lies on us all not a selected few: persons who occupy political seats.

“After all, we made them leaders. How do we expect anyone to be responsible for the plight of the nation than ourselves!

“Our forefathers, men and women like you and I, who had nothing, sacrificed for the nation when they were confronted with unprecedented adversity. They honoured the flag!

“We live in a time where people are self-centered: maybe as a result of this neo Pentecostal capitalistic hermeneutics or pure insatiable greed”.

According to him, although times may be difficult, the situation also presents an opportunity for the people of Ghana to arise and sacrifice for the nation.

“All the same, Ghana is for all of us and if there has ever been a time that we needed gallantry, it is now.

“From the North to the South, the East to the West let every man forget about who they are, what party they belong to or their tribal affiliations. Let’s put the nation first.

“If Ghana succeeds, our personal ambitions will fall in line.

“Let’s make Ghana work again and make our nation great and strong.”

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