Ghanaians become the new sensation in Bronx, New York

Ghanaians become the new sensation in Bronx, New York

tcj_placeholderTwo young Ghanaians, Jeffery Asiedu and Richard Anim have become the new sensation in the United States (US), through their “Okore Ministry” – a non-profit, Christian-faith organization, transforming the lives of the youth.

A press release mailed to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) by the Akwaaba Media, said it has become the largest and fastest-growing youth ministry in Bronx, New York.

It is not only contributing to the professional development of its members by helping them to discover their talents through mentoring and networking, but it is also aiding them to uphold spiritual discipline, to grow into distinct leaders of their communities.

The organization’s reason for targeting to youth, it says, is because they “are the most impressionable, which can be dangerously detrimental or a wonderful opportunity, depending on what serves as their motivation”.

“This is why knowing the purpose for which God has created you, is most imperative.”

They believe God has called them to help the youth to understand their calling in life so that they can stop “existing” and start ‘living”.

“Okore’ has been hosting vigils, crusades and revivals to win souls, bring lost souls back and advertise the love and mercy of God.

It will soon launch its “Everybody needs somebody” campaign, a mentoring initiative, to link up the youth with established men and women in various professional fields including medicine, engineering, communications and business.


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