ICGC Intimate Praise and Worship Experience

The Christian Journal, Bronx, NY – Worship is the act of freely giving our love to God. Worship is action! What if God approached you the way you approached Him in worship? What would that experience be? Worship is an expression of love and awe to the God who gives us more than we deserve.

Praises – when we DECIDE to begin praising God, whether out of the overflow of joy and thankfulness for His blessing, or offering the Sacrifice of Praise in difficult circumstances, we are stepping out in faith, and saying: I believe in the power and greatness of God, and that what He says in His Word is true.

God honors  the praises He hears. He values them by the genuineness and cost of the praise we bring. David, a man after God’s own heart, refused to offer a sacrifice on a threshing floor that didn’t cost him anything. (2 Sam 24:24)

ICGC Dominion Temple over the weekend held its annual praise and Worship  event dubbed: “Intimate Praise and Worship Experience 2017” on the theme: “Our Redeemer Lives,” at the church auditorium , 4500 Park Avenue, Bronx New York,

Saturday Elder Kenneth Appiah (Music Rabbi( of Soul Winners fame and Minister Yaw Mpaebo  supported by Unity Choir ministered in songs of worship and praise to the Most High God! It was truly an awesome time in the presence of the Lord. The whole atmosphere was charged and the congregation worshipped and praised from the depths of their hearts!

Minister Yaw Mpaebo, supported by Unity Choir  crowned the event on Sunday with  a high spirited morning of worship, thanksgiving, praise and an intimate worship experience.

In his epistle to the Romans, the Apostle Paul proclaims the glory of our Lord and the motivation for our worship: Thus, the Bible calls us to: Present our rededicated bodies by kneeling, bowing, raising our heads and hands, and dancing before the Lord; present our revived emotions by shouting and clapping to the Lord, praising aloud, rejoicing, and expressing thanksgiving.

It was amazing to see people cry out of joy during praise and worship and as Christians when we render our hearts, souls and spirits to praise God, it gives us an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives to enlighten our beings and transform us into His  presence as glory of the Lord is manifested.


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