Kenya: Catholic Leader Opposes Marriage Bill

Kenya: Catholic Leader Opposes Marriage Bill

CAJNews Africa, Nairobi — CATHOLIC Church leader, Archbishop Cardinal John Njue, has added his voice to the Marriage Bill saying that the legislation was unacceptable and should not be signed into law.

He was commenting on the bill which was passed by legislators recently.

If signed into law, it would give men in monogamous relationships the right to enter polygamous relationships or marriages without the consent of their wives.

“This is really painful and it is a pity that our parliament at this stage can come out with regulations of this nature,” said Njue.

He added that the church did not accept the bill and hoped that President Uhuru Kenyatta did not sign it in its present state.

He said the bill should be reviewed.

The bill had initially allowed the wife to have a say in whether the husband can have a second wife but last week’s session saw male Members of Parliament transcend party lines to push through an amendment that dropped the clause.

This saw female MPs storm out of the House in protest in the session that ran late into the night on Thursday last week.

Muslim leaders had earlier rallied behind the bill that supports polygamy.

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