Kenya: Church Told to Speak Out On Graft

Kenya: Church Told to Speak Out On Graft

The Star – Cord deputy leader Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka has today challenged the church to speak up on the rampant corruption being witnessed in the country.

Kalonzo said the voice of the church has gradually disappeared adding that as spiritual leaders, they should not keep quiet when the country is going in the wrong direction. “In the fight against corruption, the church has seemingly lost its voice and by so doing has become user friendly”. Kalonzo Charged

The Wiper leader said the corruption menace has brought about the run away insecurity in the country through the porous bounders and the “known road blocks” in our main highways.

” A police office who is supposed to protect me and you and charged with manning a check point is bribed by terrorist operatives and then they are allowed to pass unchecked, resulting in the attacks being witnessed in the country”.

Still on corruption, the Wiper leader said it is unfortunate for leaders to pour scorn on the international community’s advisory on corruption adding that they are living in “fools Paradise”.

“Anybody who is undermining the advisory by the International community on widespread corruption is living in fools paradise” said Kalonzo. He said it is very shameful that people from other countries have the ability and voice to point out corruption in our system.

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