Liberia: Baptist Church Board Chair Raps On Leadership

liberia_mapThe Inquirer, Monrovia – The president of the Liberian Business Association (LIBA), Dee-Maxwell S. Kemayah, Sr. was inducted on Sunday as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Nebo Baptist Church.

Making remark at the Father’s Day-2014 and induction Program held at the Mount Nebo Baptist Church, LIBA President, Kemayah pointed out that he is ready to work and to ensure that no stone be left unturned not in the interest of the good of man but for the good of the Kingdom of God.

LIBA Prexy Kemayah added that there are pre duties that are required of any board or leadership which includes the duty of care, loyalty, and obedience; he also said there is a huge gap in the society today with respect to those duties in leadership, and those gaps are not only in the ordinary society but it exists even at the national leadership.

He mentioned that those gaps are more disturbing because it exists from the top to the bottom more as compared to from the bottom to top, and the duty of care requires any leader or members of the Board of Trustees to act in good faith with care that is required of any prudent leader.

LIBA’s Prexy, Kemayah said, “A leader must exercise his or her power or judgment independently and objectively, and it is difficult in this society today; one might be afraid thinking if he or she acts in an objective manner it will be to the displeasure of their boss or maybe the same as to the leader.”

He stated further that leaders must be loyal, and must at all time exercise their power to the interest of the institution or the people they lead, and put first the interest of the people above them (leaders).

Mr. Kemayah said that the public sector is no exception, and that people are putting their personal interest foremost as compared to the interest of the institution or the nation.

He also said leaders must not compromise the commitment to the mission or value of the people they serve and that whatever a good leader does brings credibility to the nation or the institution he serves, and when there are ills it discredits the leader, the institution and the nation.

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