Liberia: Make Hard Choices – U.S. Preacher Urges

Liberia: Make Hard Choices – U.S. Preacher Urges

rev_eleainThe New Dawn, Monrovia – The Reverend Dr. Elaine Flake, an American prelate, who gave the inspirational words at President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Diamond Jubilee, has called on the men and women of Liberia and every nation, to make the hard choices.

In her widely cheered message at the 75th birthday celebration held at the Centennial Memorial Pavilion Tuesday in Monrovia, Dr. Flake said more often the most significant women in “our lives are those who have been viewed as stubborn, unreasonable and out of control.”

At the thanksgiving service graced by several Liberian politicians, government officials, diplomats, family members and supporters of the President, Dr. Flake reflected that President Sirleaf survived rice riot and military tribunal and imprisonment under divine protection.

“We rejoice that this President, like Debra, triumphed over this in the name of the Lord. Towards her perseverance, she endured the pain of intimidation and ostracism,” she noted.

Dr. Flake argued one cannot be his or her ‘best self’ when he or she lives to please others. She said it should be understood that in order to produce, one cannot always please people, and that those who have influenced “us the most, are not those who live to please everybody.”

She said, when others told President Sirleaf to be quiet, she spoke out; when others told her to sit down, she stood up; and when others told her to retreat, she ran ahead. Counting all of those, the US Clergy said President Sirleaf declared that she knew that God has laid His hand on her.

“And so on this day of the President, we call on the men and women of this nation, and every nation, to make the hard choices; to look differently, to walk differently and pray differently. You were born to think; you were born to make a difference – our president has shown us that just because it hasn’t been done, it doesn’t mean it cannot be done,” Dr. Flake challenged.

Comparing the life of President Sirleaf to that of a woman in the Book of Judges, Dr. Flake narrated that Debra lived without restriction, and that her-self image was established in her relationship with God, and not the big taste of the culture in which she lived.

“Women who make history, do not play it safe; women who make history, speak out, and act out, and make others uncomfortable… and so we thank God, for a woman who misbehaved,” she described the President.

She said strong women, brave women, courageous women and outspoken women have been major forces in the lives of many, not just because of their degrees, but because they are spiritually strong and they speak to the evil and injustices and political chaos.

“The world is indeed still in need of brave women, powerful and prophetic women, passionate and profound. The purpose is on you; the purpose is on all of us – the purpose is on you; you have an obligation to live radically, to shake up some situations, and to turn the world upside down,” she urged.

“The call is going out to the doors of South Africa, to the doors of America and to our brothers who stand firm and not give in to political and suppressive forces that will relegate us to second class living,” she said.

Prayers were later offered for President Sirleaf by clergymen at the Pavilion, before attending two separate programs at the Monrovia City Hall and the Omega Market in Paynesville.

Kids at the Monrovia City Hall sang birthday songs for the President, with various amusing activities done in honor of Madam Sirleaf. Three kids played President Sirleaf’s historical roles since her entry into her political career before the 1980s and up to present.

During the program at the Omega Market, President Sirleaf broke grounds for the market project, aiming to raise millions of US Dollars to relocate street sellers from the densely populated Redlight area.

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