Liberia: Selfishness Killing Liberia

Liberia: Selfishness Killing Liberia

Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Selfishness and greed are factors responsible for most of Liberia’s problems, averred Rev. Dr. Jasper S.F. Ndaborlor, Senior Pastor of the Free Pentecostal Global Mission Church in Liberia.

“Most of the problems that we’re experiencing in this country today are due to selfishness,” Rev. Ndaborlor told FPGMC congregation in Sinkor Sunday, where he delivered a brief Sermon on the occasion marking the honoring of Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown, Overseer of the Living Water in the Desert Church.

“That’s why I have chosen the topic “Kindness Never Dies,” Rev. Ndaborlor indicated. Adding: “The mother of corruption is selfishness and greed. If we were not selfish in this country, corruption could not be a problem. If you’re not kind to others nobody will be kind to you. Selfishness is what killing this country.”

He urged the Liberian nation to emulate the good examples of Dorcas, who was resurrected by Peter during Biblical days due to her kindness.

“When you are kind to people, God will never let you go dry because good never lost,” Rev. Ndaborlor, a renowned preacher man in the country, said to his fellow Christians Sunday.

He also praised Rev. Kortu Brown for his tireless role and humanitarian initiatives undertaken during the heat of the Liberian civil crisis, factors in which he said the honor was being bestowed upon his fellow pastor.

“If nobody can recognize the crucial role you played during the civil war in this country, the FPGMC wants to recognize your effort. I can remember when you mobilized thousands of resources just to cater to displace people in this country, even at the detriment of your life,” Rev. Ndaborlor said.

The honoree, Rev. Dr. Kortu Brown for his part, thanked the FPGMC for honoring him.

“We know that not every good thing that you do on this earth will be received well in return, but we do it because we know that it is the right thing to do,” Rev. Brown said.

Adding: “You don’t have to have millions of dollars before helping someone. But, your kind words, too, can help somebody.

“I accepted this honor because I wanted us (Liberians) to stop being hostile to each other. When God bless you, bless somebody,” Rev. Brown urged.

Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown is the Overseer and spiritual leader of the Living Water in the Desert Ministry. He’s also an Executive member of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), an umbrella church group that played significant role in the restoration of peace to Liberia.

During the heat of the Liberian civil upheaval, he’s said to have mobilized hundreds of volunteers and resources to cater to more than 300,000 internally displaced people. Thousands of dollars of relief items were also organized and distributed under his supervision.

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