Liberia Vote 2017: 26 Political Parties to Partake in October Elections

Liberia Vote 2017: 26 Political Parties to Partake in October Elections

Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) has certified four more political parties to the active 22 ahead of the October 10 general elections.
Cllr. Jerome Korkoya, addressing reporters at his weekly news briefing, said the multiplicity of political parties, is a signal that Liberia’s democracy is gradually growing.
He said though the parties are certificated, the rules and guidelines of the Commission should be adhered to.
“It is no problem in receiving the certificates, but there are lots of requirements that you will have to meet up with,” Cllr. Korkoya averred.
The four parties certificated Monday include Redemption for Democratic Congress, Democratic Justice Party, and Liberia for Prosperity Party and Liberia Restoration Party.
The NEC boss and entourage continuously apologized to party’s guests for arriving late as the certification was scheduled for 4pm but they arrived at 5:15 pm.
Boakai Dukuly, Commissioner of the NEC also apologized for the humidity of the James Fromoyan conference room, the only large auditorium at the commission.
“We apologized for long lateness and having the place hot, we are so sorry,” he said.
However, the NEC boss disclosed that the certificates presented was not signed by all of the commissioner’s due to busy schedules of commissioners, but pleaded with the parties to receive their certificates on Friday.
Meanwhile, Ora Garway, National Chair of the Liberia Prosperity Party, said her party is prepared to take the mantle of power.
Also, the head of the Liberia Restoration Party Rev. Joimah Woiwor said his party’s goal is to make the country’s economy stronger and make the country safer for all Liberians.
Rev. Woiwor stated: “We will make the country return to itself, because of all these years, we still have a dead country and let me say this country was built on Christian principles.
“Woiwor said his party is coming on the scene to correct the errors of the past and will make everyone part of the process.
“This is not about me or anyone but for everyone in this country.”
He added that his party, if elected will bring the requisite change and governance will be dispensed, according to citizen’s will.

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