Namibia: Churches Under Fire for ‘Bad Influence On Youth’

New Era, Oshikuku — The Father of the Nation Dr Sam Nujoma has urged traditional authorities in Omusati not to accept Pentecostal churches because they influence the youth to get involved in illicit activities.

Nujoma was addressing a Swapo Party regional rally at Oshikuku in the Omusati Region on Saturday. He said Pentecosal church members turn to crime such as strangling women and causing unnecessary fights among the community. The founding president said those churches practising Satanism are destroying the nation specifically the young generation.

“These are the churches that influence our sons to commit crime or other inhumane activities, we must not allow them in Omusati Region and in Namibia,” Nujoma urged. He added that such church owners are top of the list in disturbing society and people must refrain from attending their churches. Recently one such church in Ongwediva – the Four Square Church – appeared in the media in connection with Hildegard Iiyambo a mother and teacher at Shapwa Primary School.

She was was arrested for the murder of her 26-year-old disabled daughter. Some reports suggested the church had a role in the gruesome crime based on Iiyambo’s responses when questioned by the police. Similarly, a self-proclaimed pastor of an apostolic church at Olulongo, a village near Ondangwa, appeared in the Oshakati Magistrate’s Court last year for the alleged rape of a fellow church member.

The accused pastor is 23-year-old Edward Immanuel whose church attracted a mass following within a short period as a result of the “miracle healings” he was believed to perform in church. Meanwhile, Nujoma said the Swapo-led government would ensure that resources are equally allocated for all people to have access to basic services. Nujoma said Swapo stands firm, as it has always done, to lead the country towards achieving victory in the second phase of the struggle for genuine economic independence.

“Swapo is the only party that has the capacity to develop this country and accelerate socio-economic development. “In order to eradicate diseases, poverty, ignorance and underdevelopment from the Republic of Namibia, we have to spend more money to ensure that each Namibian child is educated from primary school to university level,” added Nujoma. He said the Swapo-led government would redouble efforts to implement working strategies. The rally was attended by all age groups, from pioneers to the elderly. Jubilant Swapo supporters sang revolutionary songs.

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