Nigeria: Anglican Church Blames Nation’s Woes On Recycled Politicians

Nigeria: Anglican Church Blames Nation’s Woes On Recycled Politicians

(VANGUARD) Owerri — Anglican church has blamed much of the country’s woes on old and recycled politicians, noting that this has foisted on the youths the ignoble role of thuggery, armed robbery, kidnapping, suicide bombing and other vices.

Secretary, Nigerian House of Anglican Bishops, Rt. Rev. David Onuoha, who made the observation in a message to Nigerian children, also urged the youths to demand as of right and take up their rightful place in the nation’s scheme of things.

Bishop Onuoha, who doubles as the Anglican Bishop of Okigwe South Diocese, wondered why some politicians were endlessly being recycled in power, and asked that they exited public office honourably.

He said: “These old hands have been recycled for too long. They have nothing new to offer Nigeria and Nigerian youths. We must realize that the problem of youth unemployment is a time bomb that is waiting to explode.” he said.

He implored youths in the country to take their destinies in their hands, if they were to have a bright future, saying “while we are opposed to any violent action along this line, it is certain that through peaceful resistance and sponsoring of bills in the legislature, Nigerian youths can preserve a future for themselves.”

He said the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, ought to lead the crusade aimed at dissuading youths from engaging in cultism and all manner of violence.

Onuoha said: “If the recent information from the Federal Bureau of Statistics, which shows that youths constitute 70 percent of the Nigerian population is anything to go by, it then shows that this country belongs more to the youths.”

He said creating youth wings in political party arrangement with the sole purpose of using them for hatchet jobs was condemnable.

“Given the salutary roles played by Nigerian students in the struggle for independence and the years following, one wonders what the present NANS is doing to preserve a future for Nigerian youths,” Onuoha grieved.

He said it was time for NANS to rise and halt further plundering of the country through greed and selfishness.

Bishop Onuoha also equally concern that many were simply watching quietly as the country was systematically being impoverished, and “our commonwealth appropriated by just a privileged few.”

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