Nigeria: Dahiru Bauchi Warns On Ban of Early Marriage

(DAILY TRUST) Bauchi — Islamic scholar Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has advised the National Assembly not to peg marriage age at 18 years, saying this would contradict Islamic laws, international laws and the constitution.

Speaking to reporters in Baucchi yesterday, Sheikh Dahiru said pegging the marriage age “will affect Muslims fundamental rights. It also violates freedom of religion, because every Muslim has a right to live and exist and to practice his religion without hindrance”.

The scholar added, “Islamic laws do not stipulate age for marriage and no one has the authority to peg marriage age for girls. Prophet Mohammed (SAW) married a six-year-old girl and she was taken to his house when she was nine. One of the prophet’s companions, Caliph Umar, married a girl at the age of nine, so pegging marriage age violates freedom of religion as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution”.

Sheikh Dahiru also condemned same-sex marriage, and advised that it should not be encouraged.

“Whoever supports same-sex marriage is imp-lying that humans should stop reproduction because without marriage between a man and a woman, people will not come into the world”, he said.

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