Nigeria: Muslims, Christians Urged to Practice True Faiths

Daily Trust – Adherents of Islamic and Christian religions in Nigeria have been urged to practice true teachings in order to foster unity and peaceful co-existence in Nigeria.

The call was contained in a communiqué released at the end of the national summit on interfaith dialogue and the quest for national security in Nigeria organized by the Interfaith Activity and Partnership for Peace (IFAPP) held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja.

The communiqué jointly signed by Mallam Shehu Lemu of Islamic Education Trust, and Reverend Father George Ehusani of Lux Terra Leadership foundation, lamented the mutual suspicion and lack of trust between Muslims and Christians in the country which was brought about by lack of understanding and adhering to the true teachings of the two religions by their followers.

“From the realization of the great danger that unwholesome relations between Muslims and Christians pose to national security and the potential of interfaith dialogue as an antidote to this threat, it sought to foster improved understanding of and greater interest in the potentials and limits of interfaith dialogue as a response to insecurity fueled by tensions, mutual suspicion and conflicts between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria,” the communiqué stated.

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