Novinyo Habobo of Delaware Valley Marvels 2015 CEANA Attendees!

Novinyo Habobo of Delaware Valley Marvels 2015 CEANA Attendees!

Cherry Hill, New Jersey – The Council of Ewe Associations of North America’s annual convention currently ongoing here lived up to the media hype in all departments. Conventioners’ could not have asked for anything more! The Novinyo Habobo of Delaware proved to attendees of the 2015 Council of Ewe Association of North America (CEANA) convention that the Vice-President of the USA, Joe Biden, comes from their state hence they know how to party “Presidentially “literary! Though small in number their organizational skills and competence are undeniably the best conventioners’ has witnessed in many years! Starting from pickup at the Airport, location of the convention, food, music, cultural show, city tour and others were all fabulous. No wonder the Executive President of CEANA, Dr. Peter Nat Abotchie asked all attendees at the dinner to give a standing ovation to Novinyo Habobo of Delaware before his short remarks.

In his remarks, Dr. Abotchie highlighted CEANA’s legislative and developmental achievements during his two year term in office! These includes a policy for CEANA’s development programs, information packet about CEANA,45 scholarships to deserving students in Eweland, approval of transportation allowance to the Executive Body and guidelines for organizing the annual CEANA convention. He also mentioned star projects such as the Tanyigbe Anyigbe School building CEANA handed over to the Ghana Education service, a renovation project for rural child and maternal clinic at Alokoegbe, Togo. The package also includes potable water projects in Alokoegbe and Amouzoukope all in Togo.
Dr. Abotchie asked the attendees to contribute to the development of Eweland when he stated “You are all somebody and the work of building our community is somebody’s responsibility. That means it’s your responsibility to help develop our motherland”

Before the attendees danced the night away, the Novinyo Habobo handed over the hosting of CEANA 2016 to the Ewe Alliance of USA Inc. NJ (New Jersey). The convention continues today with a church service in the morning and a picnic in the afternoon.
The management of wish CEANA all the best in its endeavors in the years to come…. “Ayekoo”.

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