NYC coronavirus deaths soar past 11,000 as confirmed cases rise

NYC coronavirus deaths soar past 11,000 as confirmed cases rise

New York City passed yet another grim milepost as its coronavirus death toll surpassed 11,000 Thursday and confirmed cases neared 120,000, according to new official data.

By Thursday afternoon the ferocious virus had claimed the lives of 11,477 New Yorkers — 578 more deaths than a day earlier, according to statistics released by the city’s Dept. of Health.

Confirmed cases also grew from 111,424 Wednesday to 117,565 Thursday and nearly 31,000 people have been hospitalized for the coronavirus since the outbreak started early last month.

“We should never underestimate this disease,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a Thursday morning press briefing, adding that New York is “far from out of the woods” despite signs that the pandemic is plateauing.

The 11,477 deaths include 7,563 people who tested positive for the virus and another 3,914 who showed symptoms of the disease but never received tests. New York City started adding probable deaths to its official tally earlier this week.

Queens is the epicenter of the city’s outbreak with with 36,220 confirmed cases, followed by 31,279 cases in Brooklyn, 25,638 in the Bronx, 15,539 in Manhattan and 8,822 in Staten Island.

Men and people over age 75 are more likely to test positive for the disease, according to the city’s Health Dept.

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