Palmer Buckle: Christians must positively influence politics

The Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Gabriel Charles Palmer Buckle has advised Christians to validate the ideologies of political parties against their Christian values or principles in order to make informed decision on which political party to join.

According to him, politics is a noble profession adding that, Christians have every right to join any political party provided the parties’ beliefs or ideologies conform to their Christian values or principles .

The Archbishop was speaking at a public lecture on the topic, “The Church and Politics: The Ghanaian Experience” in Accra on Tuesday. The event was organized by the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology.

“You [Christians] have the right to join any political party of your choice; validate that political party’s ideology or what it offers against your Christian morality and principles and you will know where to stand”.

He said politics is a noble vocation and everybody must be encouraged to be involved. Touching on partisan politics, Archbishop Palmer Buckle said Christians must have enough knowledge about their Christian principles or values and what partisan politics “offers for or against the common good of humanity.

He charged Christians to live like salt as the Bible admonishes and influence the decision making process .

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