Botswana: Churches Face Leadership Crisis

Botswana: Churches Face Leadership Crisis

Tsabong — Lord Motlaleng, a lecturer at Botswana Bible Training Institute (BBTI), says the church in Botswana is facing leadership crisis.

He said during leadership and challenges workshop that too much pride, love for money and sexual perversion are among leading factors that soil many Pastors callings.

“What these pastors are doing is not in line with the word of God,” he said adding that only God should be gloried.

Money, according to Motlaleng although a necessity in life should not take over the proclamation of the gospel.

“It is the duty of the congregation to take care of the pastor but greed should not be allowed to find its way into the church,” he further said.

He also called on Pastors to focus on the preaching of the word and leave financial matters to treasurers.

 Mr Motlaleng warned that as long as the church deviates from its fundamental purpose of addressing spiritual matters, the government is left with no option but to intervene for the sake of the nation.

As things stand, Mr Motlaleng observed government is slowly losing trust in the administration of the church in Botswana.

Meanwhile, the chairperson of Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana (EFB) in Tsabong, Mr Boweditswe Samaano appreciated Mr Motlaleng’s advice to the body of Christ.

He said it was now up to the Pastors and the church to remain true to the gospel to avoid potential shipwreck of the faith.

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