Pastors must secure their legacy in Christ – Rev Dovlo

Professor Elom Dovlo(Ghana News Agency)Reverend Professor Elom Dovlo, former Rector of Global Theological Seminary, on Sunday admonished the clergy to secure their legacy in the name of Jesus Christ, so that the gate of hell will not prevail against them.

He said as pastors, they were neither chosen by the Church nor by themselves but by God to whom they must be faithful, doing his will.

Rev. Dovlo made this known in a sermon at the ordination of 23 pastors of Global Evangelical Church (GEC) and commissioning of 16 others.

Each of the commissioned pastors would serve two years probation under an ordained pastor during which period he or she would not be eligible to preside over holy matrimony.

Those who are single would have to be married to qualify for ordination.

Rev. Dovlo cautioned that any deviation by pastors from the leadership standard established by Jesus Christ would expose them to destruction because, “human beings can only serve themselves carnally”.

He, therefore, asked the pastors to “act by the heart and mind of God”, so that they could get closer to God and share in his vision and lead others to do the same, adding that, God reserves his reward for those who serve him faithfully.

Rev. Dovlo said the sacrifices of Jesus Christ “are what gathered us as Christians to ensure a pure Church”.

Right Reverend Dr Edem Tettey, Moderator of the Church said though agents of prayer, pastors need more prayers than they do for other people, giving an analogy of the dangers they are exposed to in the line of duty.

Meanwhile, the Church has honoured Dr Nathaniel Dotse Sodzi, Mr Obed Kofi Atubra and Mr Raymond Kwadzo Tetteh for their exceptional leadership, promotion of the gospel and selfless sacrifices towards planting the Church.

The GEC, which broke off from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church some decades ago, has a membership of more than 100,000 and more than 231 ministers and 746 congregations in Ghana.

It also has branches overseas.

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