Rwanda: Christians Pray for Elections

Rwanda: Christians Pray for Elections

The New Times – The 18th Africa-Rise/Africa Haguruka gospel summit that closed on Sunday evening prayed for Rwanda to hold a successful forthcoming presidential election scheduled for August 4.

The congregation also prayed for Africa to rise and be free without dependency on powerful nations’ but instead, have a win-win collaboration with other nations.

Organised by Zion Temple, the eight-day preaching summit that was held at IPRC-Kigali stadium in Kicukiro was attended by over 12,000 participants from various African countries such as DR Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Botswana. Others came from Israel, USA, Belgium, Sweden, France, Canada, Italy among others.

It was held under the theme ‘Rise Africa’ drawn from the bible verse in Joshua 7: 10 where God told him to rise and stand up from lying down on face.

Different preachers prayed for Rwandans to vote wisely the next leader who would guide the country’s desired future.

They lauded the current progress, harmony and forgiveness and reconciliation efforts in the country after 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

“I see Rwanda being blessed; we are given a leader with vision, who loves citizens, and fights corruption and injustice. Since Genocide against the Tutsi happened in 1994, the country has progressed from the tragedy and we do not wish to face the same darkness,” prayed Apostle Paul Gitwaza of Zion Temple.

“We pray that Rwandans do not vote by emotions but by looking at the future. Rwanda is rising and let it be the role model for Africa to rise by inspiring vision to other nations.”

Africa Haguruka/ Africa Rise has also started in Ethiopia and will soon be extended to Botswana and Kenya with target to educate Africans on attitude to change the African continent.

Gitwaza explained that people should not deduce that churches are meddling in politics but it is high time partnership is elaborated with governments so that good behaviors are preached among people.

Apostle Gitwaza, said Africans need to work hard.

“We have proposed principles for Africa to rise. It is better to start by educating families that can play a role in shaping the future of African children. Education of children at school must also be reinforced and help it develop Africa itself without so much dependency on other countries,” he said.

He added that African media must be guided in a way that builds Africa to develop, adding that sports and entertainment would also play big role to connect and reconcile divided groups in Africa.

He said other principles for Africa Rise summit are aimed at combating nepotism in Africa, boosting intra-trade, among others.

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