Spiritual Upliftment Revival at Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace)

IMG_3118The Christian Journal, Bronx NY – Inner Court Sanctuary’s Spiritual Upliftment Revival ended on Sunday November 30, at 1660 Gun hill Road in the Bronx NY. The service began with glorious praise and worship. Every seat was filled in the Church.

When the host pastor Rev. Nicholas Anane-Agyei step onto the church altar and led with one of his favorite hymns, “when peace like a river” an atmosphere of God’s glory and power descended, ushering in an unforgettable Spiritual and Upliftment moment for the congregation gathered in the Church.

The guest speaker, Prophet Morris Offei Asare, in his sermon said, for us as believers, our existence and life purpose are well defined since we are the children of God and that we are on a mission on earth to fulfill God’s promise to us.
Quoting the scripture Matthew 21:1-8, he admonished the Christians that if we would humble ourselves and allow Jesus to ride on us, He would use us fulfill His ordained plan.


God can and will use anyone to accomplish His purpose, no matter how imperfect that person may be. He has done it before and He is able to do the same today if we become obedient. No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done in your life, no matter how imperfect you may be – God can and will use you to accomplish His great eternal purpose, he stressed.

We can be rich in knowledge; we can be rich in certain abilities and strengths, rich in certain possessions, security, physical strength, prestige, status, and position if we allow the Lord to use us. Without humility, we become hindered in the activity of believing and trusting God. Without humility, it is impossible to become controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Prophet Morris Offei Asare continued by encouraging the congregation to learn to act in humility. He went on to say that humility opens great doors of opportunity and when the church become conscious of this spiritual fact, God will abide in us and use us effectively. The Prophet ended the revival with a very powerful prophetic ministration under the unction of the Holy Ghost. It was indeed an uplifting moment for the congregation.


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