The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision, Brooklyn celebrates 20th Anniversary with Great Joy

The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision, Brooklyn celebrates 20th Anniversary with Great Joy

TAC-GV CONGREGATIONGod has been writing a fascinating script for the history of The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision over the last 20 years in Brooklyn, New York. Celebrating 20th anniversary, it is not just the past that is on everyone’s mind. The theme for the anniversary being “OUR SEASON OF GREAT REJOICING” clearly expresses that the Church had lots to feel good about. They planned a week- long activities to mark their 20 years anniversary celebration. Special events for the weeklong celebration included Nights of Spiritual Ministration by the Men’s and Women’s Movements, Revival Night conducted by Pastor (Dr.) S.O. Ayeni; and of course, the Comedy, Fashion Show, Praise and Concert nights of the Youths and Choir.

A church’s anniversary can be a time of uniting to celebrate the growth of God’s kingdom and this was no exception. Throughout the years, the church has been active in meeting needs in the community – that makes the Block Party and Community Outreach program on Saturday, May 21st quite outstanding. Many residents in the Church environment, relatives and friends had a full day of exuberant merriment.

On Sunday, the “OUR SEASON OF GREAT REJOICING” climaxed with a celebration service at 2pm in the Church sanctuary, 523-525 St. Marks Avenue.  Pastor Ebenezer Adeyinka, New Jersey District Apostle and National Chairman who delivered the message, said “He believes that God have glorified himself while speaking from I Samuel 30:1-8.  He urged the congregation to be soldiers of the gospel.  A soldier’s life is a disciplined life: discipline is what modern believers need the most, but want the least.”  Attempting to fight against the Devil without a Bible means going into war without a weapon. Tragically, many believers are so caught up in the riches, cares and pleasures of this life that they don’t see the spiritual battle underway. Others don’t care. There are some people in the world today when they have small gift they think they have everything, but David humbled.

The congregation danced with great rejoicing, especially the Women clad in their traditional head gear with their lace dresses was a joy to watch. What a celebration!

“This is a big celebration. We’re all excited,” Pastor (Dr.) Joseph Idowu, Assembly or Pastor  told The Christian Journal in an interview.

“Everybody here feels like family,” said one member of the church. “You feel like something like this is only going to happen once in a lifetime.”

The church has enjoyed such a growth with branches in Queens and Staten Island.

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