Zambia: Cleric Warns Against ‘Satanic’ Pastors

Zambia: Cleric Warns Against ‘Satanic’ Pastors

By Jack Mwewa (THE STAR) – A CLERGYMAN has advised Christians to be prayerful and seriously study the Bible to avoid being misled by some pastors who claim to be used by God, yet they practise Satanism.

Kingdom Business Ministries Pastor Panji Chipeta says, for instance, that ‘wine’ served in some churches during Holy Communion is actually human blood and semen concocted through satanic rituals.

Pastor Chipeta has also accused some clerics of either knowingly or unknowingly using powers from the underworld to perform miracles.

“There is a lot of trash happening in the church that the natural eye may not see in the physical, but could be revealed by serious prayers,” Pastor Chipeta said. “I can tell you that some of the so-called wine being served during Holy Communion in some churches is actually human blood and semen.”

He said that through the many people who had sought deliverance from him, he had come to learn that a lot of satanic acts happened in some churches, yet ordinary members did not know.

Pastor Panji was sceptical of some ‘men of God’ who were in the habit of advertising their ‘miracles’ for the simple reason that the greatest miracle maker, Jesus Christ, never advertised His works.

He said: “The Lord Jesus Christ, who was the greatest miracle maker while on earth never advertised His works. People simply followed Him wherever He went after noticing His powers.”

Pastor Chipeta also doubts the genuineness of some pastors who promise marriages to their unmarried female flock because, according to him, it is only God who makes marriages.

“Some pastors take advantage of desperate single women promising they have the powers to pray for them and find husbands when it is God alone who first instituted marriage, and only He can pair people,” Pastor Chipeta said.

He has, therefore, called on Christians to be wary of some men claiming to be pastors who may be agents of the devil and some simply conmen.

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