Zambia: Probe Misleading Clergymen – Church

Zambia: Probe Misleading Clergymen – Church

Times of Zambia – Some Church leaders on the Copperbelt have called on investigative wings to probe clergymen that are making patients stop medication on account of being prayed for.

A Catholic priest based in Ndola said it was unfortunate that some pastors had engaged in the habit of driving sick people from any form of medication and instead concentrate on prayers to recover from their illnesses.

Antony Salangeta said the investigative bodies should get to the bottom of the matter before many lives were lost through such conduct.

Father Salangeta said no one should claim to have authority to detain a patient and make them believe that only God would heal them.

He said people should be allowed to believe in God and similarly be encouraged to receive medical treatment whenever they were unwell.

Fr Salangeta said Church leaders advising people to abandon their medication should be stopped immediately.

He warned Zambians against falling prey to false prophets.

Riverside Baptist Church pastor Richard Daka equally expressed concern at some Pentecostal leaders discouraging patients from taking medicine and urging them to only fast and pray.

Pastor Daka said Church leaders should be “standing in the gap” for the sick, and petitioning God to heal them.

“This does not reflect the true biblical meaning of fasting and praying. Such people lack knowledge and understanding of the word of God.

“Medication must be encouraged by the Church and not encouraging blind faith,” he said.

Last week, a 41-year-old woman of Kitwe died after allegedly being put on prayers and fasting by a pastor at a Pentecostal Church.

The family woman had been on pneumonia drugs before the pastor advised her to end the medication and focus on prayer and fasting.

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