Zimbabwe: I Give Money to Prostitutes and Homosexuals – Magaya

Zimbabwe: I Give Money to Prostitutes and Homosexuals – Magaya
Prophet Walter Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya

New Zimbabwean – Prophetic Healing and Deliverance church leader, Walter Magaya, has revealed that he hands out money to commercial sex workers.

Addressing the press on the side-lines of the ladies all night prayer held at his church Friday, Magaya said he gives out money to prostitutes at his church almost on a daily basis and has initiated projects for them.

“We help a number of prostitutes here. I give them cash on a daily basis and we have a project to assist them transform their lives which we have initiated,” he said.

The youthful preacher, who has in the past been linked to a string of women including married ones, said he wants to see strong families in Zimbabwe where the institution of marriage is respected and valued.

He said his all night prayer session for the women was aimed at empowering them to break anti-marriage spirits which he said are wreaking havoc in many families.

“We have 80 % of new marriages breaking up within six weeks because there are spirits that are fighting against people,” he said.

Magaya went on to attack homosexuals saying they are demon-possessed and need God’s interventions.

He said he has helped many gays and lesbians at his church and was now looking at invading into South Africa from May 30 where he will tackle “such spirits as homosexuality”.

“We are blessed as a country that we have a strong president who is against such things as gays and lesbians. But here at church we have helped a number of them who would have manifested.

“Personally, I believe there are spirits behind this. I know that in countries such as South Africa it is a problem, but we are coming there and we shall show the people that this is a spirit,” he said.

The all night prayer was attended by thousands of congregates drawn from all the country’s provinces and some from neighbouring countries.

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