Angola: Christian Church Council Facilitates Advocacy

Angola: Christian Church Council Facilitates Advocacy

The Angolan Press – The Angolan Christian Churches Council (CICA), through the programme Good Governance and Social Monitoring, has been facilitating the excellent advocacy work between the local government and the communities , stated on Monday in Luanda, CICA’s General Secretary, Deolinda Dorcas Teca.

This information was released by the Church leader to Angop, on the occasion of the activities hosted by the Angolan Christian Churches Council in the current year.

According to the official, with the above-mentioned programme, CICA noted the problems that affect certain communities, under participative work assessment.

Meanwhile, CICA secretary said that the institution has drafted a report which was distributed to the members of government, civil society and other national and international institutions.

On the other hand, the main constraints are the lack of leisure facilities, hospitals, schools and water.

This programme was released in 2010 and aims to assess the administrative works, as such is providing more dialogue between the authorities and people and is also helping to identify the prioritized goals to be carried out.

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