Angola: Christmas Should Reconcile, Unite Families – Church

Members of the Ministério de Fé e Libertação church (MFL) said Monday in Luanda that the Christmas season should serve to reconcile and unite the Angolan families, envisaging a new and prosperous year full of love.

This was said during a survey conducted to mark the Christmas Day, December 25.

According to Ana Bela, a member of the MFL, Christmas is a symbol of joy and reunion of the families, during which children get and exchange gifts.

She on the occasion expressed the wish that people get reconciled, forget their grievances and resentments, in response to the teachings of the bible.

In his turn, Joana Silva, another church member, said that being an event of feast, during Christmas people should show tender for one another.

As she stated, the lack of forgiveness affects the health of resented person.

Maria Dinis said the union of the families should stretch to the unity of neighbours, colleagues and other groups that live side by side every day.

She recalled that the family is the first institution instituted in the world.

Christmas is a holiday celebrated on December 25, the day Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity, is believed to have been born.

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