Angola: Minister Calls for Better Training of Religious Leaders

Angola: Minister Calls for Better Training of Religious Leaders

RosaCruzSilva1Luanda — The minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, Friday in Luanda, called to all recognized Christian churches to work well in the training of pastors and leaders.

The Cabinet minister, who was speaking during the opening of the meeting with religious leaders on “religious phenomenon”, said pastors and religious leaders have to demonstrate their capacity for mobilization, so as not to leave spaces for churches or sects determined to undermine the foundations of the Angolan national identity.

“So she thinks that it is necessary that the churches better train their pastors, in order to reduce some obstacles that have occurred in recent years in our country,” she said.

According to the minister Rosa Cruz e Silva, a reverend should be an exemplary organization, prepared to exercise pastoral care for the proper performance of their functions based on the teachings of Christ.

The meeting opening was attended by members of Government, ministers, religious leaders and followers of various religious sects.

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