BOOK LAUNCH: “Seven Iinvisible Offices That Decides Everyones’s Future”

BOOK LAUNCH: “Seven Iinvisible Offices That Decides Everyones’s Future”

The Christian Journal, Bronx NY – A  host of Ministers, Family, Friends and Co-workers joined Pastor Kwame Acheampong of Calvary Charismatic Center in the Bronx to launch his second book “SEVEN INVISIBLE OFFICES THAT DECIDES EVERYONE’S FUTURE”.

As the name suggests, the book chronicles the Seven authorities that decides everyone’s future.
In a demonstration of the seven offices or authorities and he said ” In actually, everyone has a some kind of a future plan. Some have it written on a paper, others have it written on their hearts. Some take life one day at a time and some don’t plan. The truth is everyone is directly or indirectly following a plan. He said the reality is how you use each 24hours in a day is basically your plan.

Planning is very important because it helps you manage your time and resources. He further said unfortunately some Christians don’t plan because they believe that prayer can take care of everything. They seek to replace planning with prayer because they lack understanding of the purpose of planning. Planning is the only approach life respects, is the bridge between imagination and reality.

God created the universe with a six-day plan. Planning is the wisdom behind creation. God rewards planners because he calls them faithful stewards of time. All successful people have one thing in common they all plan.

Rev.  Owusu Bempah who led the launching in an interview said he believed that this book is going to impact our community and society. The Seven offices that he spoke about in his demonstration, if we take it seriously it will be a blessing to us.

He urged everyone to buy the book since it was based on the word of God. The books was sold out.

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