Bronx: Teen girl dies after touching third rail at subway station: cops

Bronx: Teen girl dies after touching third rail at subway station: cops

A teenage girl died on May 28 after she jumped into the railbed of a Bronx subway to retrieve something, but touched the third rail and was electrocuted, officials said.

Adama Laura Jenneh, 17, a daughter of a Gambia immigrant was a straight-A student at Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan, lost her footing as she went onto the tracks of the No. 2 and 5 line at the Simpson St. station just after 8 a.m. She died at the scene, officials said.

“My daughter was a kind, good and hard-working girl,” said mom Sutay Jammeh, 56. “My Adama was my everything.”

Witnesses said they saw her jump, prompting officials to investigate the death as a suicide, but her family was adamant that she had everything to look forward to.

The teen planned to attend John Jay School for Criminal Justice in the fall and hoped to become a lawyer. “She wanted to be a lawyer ever since she was a little girl,” her sister Ara Janneh, 21, said. “Ever since she was little, she wanted to help the disadvantaged.”

But first Adama, who was one of eight children in a Gambian-immigrant family, was looking forward to the next stage in her life.

“I was the last person to see her,” her brother Karamba Janneh said. “She was excited about graduating. It was just around the corner. She was looking forward to the prom.”

Heartbroken family members have raised more than $300 on a GoFundMe site for the girl’s funeral expenses.


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