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“I Will Never Deny My Savior,” Pastor Said as Men Killed Him for Being a Christian

How much do you love Jesus?  If someone had just murdered you for being a Christian and you were on your death bed, what would be your last words? This

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A Fresh Encounter with Jesus

Scholar Atsuyoshi Fujiwara says Japanese are showing new interest in Christianity. Timothy C. Morgan (Chritianity Today) Atsuyoshi Fujiwara has been a pastor and scholar in Japan since 1999. Immediately after

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When you feel like Giving Up!

When you feel like Giving Up! Have you ever said these words, I can’t take another moment of this agony? I just can’t go on another day? I feel like

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Evangelistic festival in Italy takes the Good News worldwide

Christian Newswire – (ITALY) Marking the launch of a three-week evangelistic campaign aimed at the entire Latin world, FestiNapoli with Luis Palau drew thousands of individuals from throughout the coastal

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Uganda: Miracle – You Could Be Your Own Worst Enemy

The Observer (Kampala) It helps to occasionally check to make sure that you are doing that which God purposed for you to be doing at this particular time; it could